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Monday, June 4, 2012

Nature's Gift - Unique Ringbearer Pillows For The Woodland Wedding

I have been very drawn to the idea of a woodland wedding. Somehow it seems so extremely serene and special to be among the trees with the one you love.

 I found this on etsy the other day and was totally amazed to see that in all it's naturalness, it is actually a ring bearer's  'pillow'. Can you believe it? What a wonderful addition to a woodland wedding.

 Then I was awestruck to find this. .. . a moss covered bow that is also a ring bearer's 'pillow'. Again, I couldn't believe the natural beauty of it. I think it would be difficult to choose between the two. Maybe I would need TWO ring bearers, one for each ring. Actually. . . not a bad idea!

I think it would be nice to have the flower girl carry the moss bow with the ring for the bride and the ring bearer to carry the nest with the ring for the groom. They would look absolutely adorable together. What do you think?

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