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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wedding Trends - 1950's

I thought it would be fun to look at different wedding trends over the years. We can usually see a photo and say to ourselves, 'oh, that is from the 50's' but what makes it so obvious to us? What do we see that tells us this is true? Each decade has it's own look and today we will take a glimpse into the 1950's.

Several different style come to mind, but my favorite is the long full ball gown. Layers and layers of tulle and lace, long line corseted bodices with a 'bizzilion' tiny buttons up the back.

Long sleeves and a very full skirt. Notice the length of this veil?

When you see short sleeves at this time, then you will also make note that it was normal to wear gloves. This dress is tea- length which was very popular. This length was perfect to showcase beautiful shoes.

Isn't this flower girl lovely? Again, notice the gloves. . .

It is very common to see a very large bridal party in the 50's, something that seems to be gaining popularity again.  Full tea length skirts were also very common for bridesmaids.

enjoy your day! Til next time,


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  1. So nostalgic - love the gloves and the retro feel of the wedding gowns. Hugs, Dru