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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mistletoe and a Winter Wedding

Mistletoe. . . somehow, just the thought of it makes me think of romance yet the tradition of mistletoe didn't always signify romance. One tradition was that mistletoe was a plant of peace. Enemies who met under the mistletoe were obliged to stop fighting for at least a day. Eventually, hanging mistletoe over the doorway of one's home brought peace and good luck.  It was in 18th century Britain that kissing became a tradition. They would make a ball of mistletoe that would be hung as a Christmas decoration. If a couple was found to be standing under the mistletoe, they were obliged to kiss if the ball still had berries. For each kiss a berry would be taken from the ball. When the berries were gone, the 'luck' in love and marriage was considered gone and it was bad luck to kiss beneath it.  I have never heard the part about the berries before now. I don't think the berries are even part of it these days but the romance and the kissing idea remain as a winter tradition. It is a beautiful tradition to include in your winter wedding.                                                                                                            

This is so romantic and lovely. . .

O-K, no mistletoe but stunning just the same.

Perhaps mistletoe over the doorway?

I love the pine branch with this table setting but a sprig of mistletoe would be equally beautiful don't you think?

Another great idea. . . a mistletoe decorated wedding cake.
This is mistletoe complete with it's white berries. Below, is a beautiful bouquet of mistletoe and white roses. . . LOVELY!
I hope this give you some inspiration if you are planning a w inter wedding. Actually, this would be great for a winter party as well.

Til next time,


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