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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Dimitra Bairaktaris and Events That Amaze

Meet Dimitra Bairaktaris from Events That Amaze. I came in contact with Dimitra when she purchased a pair of fuschia sequin ballet shoes. She requested that the ribbons be 8 feet long which was a very unusual request or was to fit a very, very fat leg! As it turns out, she was using the shoes for a display and was wrapping the ribbon ties around a large glass vase. I asked if she would send me photos and she most graciously send me a link to her facebook page which had photos of the entire event. I thought I would share a few of them here with you.

                         The event was for a lucky little girl's baptism and what an event it was!!                                                                                        
the dining room
Above is the vase with our ballet shoes wrapped around it. . . . . . . on the right they had shot glasses with the daughter's name and the baptism date printed on . Each guest took one of these home with them.

the centerpieces were ballerinas in colors to match the daughter's tutu
This was a room that was just for the kids! I couldn't believe how many there were!
I thought this was a wonderful idea. . . place cards on little hangers. . .
this was the lucky girl. . . little Alexandra in her tutu that inspired the whole event.

 Thank you Dimitra for sending me photos of this wonderfully planned event. If anyone would like to see more of Dimitra and 'Events That Amaze', look for her on facebook.

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